SCVets Care Foundation

Buy Pet Restraints and Save Lives 

Buy pet restraints for charity in support of the SCVets Care Foundation’ program – Pet Vet for Seniors. The program provides low or no cost pet care to qualifying senior citizens.  Available in two colors, the restraints will ensure pet car safety. Easy to attach to any collar or harness, traveling could not be easier and more comfortable for yourself and your fur family members.

By securing your pet in an automobile, you can:

  • limit movement and decrease the risk of injury in an accident
  • Stop a dog from jumping out of the car window or even running away in a crash.
  • Avoid serious injury from having unrestrained pets in a car

In a crash at 35 miles per hour, a 60-pound dog becomes a 2,700-pound projectile. The force of that impact could easily kill both the dog and the passengers.

*Purchase is tax deductible as a charitable contribution. You can place your order here.

Our Purpose

  • Promotes the well-being of animals via the Pet Program for Senior Citizens
  • Supports the veterinary community (K-9 Pet Handler/Oxygen Masks)
  • Responds to natural and man-made emergencies through the South Carolina Veterinary Reserve Corps (SCVRS)
  • Supporting veterinary students though educational scholarships

For pet owners, When Disaster Strikes: Action Guidelines for People with Pets

For veterinarians, veterinarian technicians and practice managers, the American Veterinary Medical Association has prepared CD-ROM Emergency Preparedness & Response Guide

Pet Vets for Seniors Program

Memorial Cards

Thinking of your beloved pet that passed on?

Well with a tax- deductible donation made here, we can celebrate your pet’s life with you. Pay tribute to your beloved companion in your own words online or choose a commemorative card that captures what your pet meant to you. Let these memories bring a smile to your face. Veterinarians are also welcome to recognize a client’s pet. As soon as we receive your donation we will send you and any other parties concerned, a letter of acknowledgment. Donations go towards the healthcare of pets in need.

Oxygen Pet Kit Program

The Pet Oxygen Kit Project, Inc. is an educational and public safety effort of local volunteers, individually and collectively, who are dedicated to providing pet oxygen kits to equip every fire truck across South Carolina to help them save animals following structural fires. Please help us in the statewide endeavor and Sponsor a Kit Today.

Providing K9 Medical Kits for Pet Handlers

Dr. Robert Presley

Dr. Robert Presley

developed with K9s in mind. Similar to a First Aid kit, it is used by handlers in South Carolina to deliver lifesaving treatment to a wounded K9 at the point of entry.  It was developed by Dr. Rob Presley of Upstate Veterinary Service together with the North American Rescue (NAR). Each kit is designed for the handler or medic to deliver lifesaving treatment to a wounded K-9 at the point of entry. Each kit is $125.

If you would like a Medical Kit, you may purchase one here.