Thursday, October 14

7:30 Exhibit Setup
7:30 Registration
9:00 Bovine, Mark Alley (Zoetis)
10:00 Bovine (cont.), Mark Alley (Zoetis)
11:00 CLPH Updates, Michael Neault and Charlie Rosenkrans
11:50-12:50 Lunch in Exhibit Hall
1:00-5:00 Exhibits
1:30 Module 3: Overview of Foreign Animal, Program, and Reportable Diseases, Towana Guinyard Small Animal/Internal   Managing Open Wounds (VT), Michelle Waschak  
2:30 Module 4: Preventing Disease Introduction and Spread, Towana Guinyard Small Animal/Internal Small Animal Emergency Assessment & Stabilization of Trauma & Surgical Patients, Ashley Barton  
3:30 Module 10: Personal Protective Equipment for Veterinarians, Towana Guinyard Nutrition, Shirin Modaresi (Hill's) Identifying Early Signs of Fear, Anxiety and Stress (FAS), Phyllis Beasley DVM Recruitment Stats & the Changing Dynamic of Millennials in the Workforce (Alliance Animal)  
4:20 Salsa at Sunset in Exhbit Hall

Friday, October 15

7:30 Coffee in Exbihit Hall
7:30-11:30 Exhibits in Doral
8:30 Form and Function, the Biomechanics of the Equine Hoof, Bibi Freer  Diagnosing Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs and Cats, Erin Hatcher (Merck)   Health Insurance is Broken - Medical Cost Sharing for the Veterinary Community, Carl Cease  
9:30 Veterinarians and Farriers: Working Together for Optimal Outcomes? Bibi Freer  Diagnosing Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs and Cats continues, Erin Hatcher (Merck) Tips and Tricks Related to Principles of Challenging Skin Closures (V), Michelle Waschak Cost Segregation - Stop Sending Your Money to the IRS, Carl Cease  
10:30 Large Animal, Sean Eastman Canine Lymphoma and Leukemia, Corey Saba Dental Lecture, Heather Duncan Client – Trainer -Veterinary Teamwork, Phyllis Beasley  
11:30 Break in Exhibit Hall
12:00 Lunch/Learn: The Distinction Advantage, Chuck Gallagher (American National)
1:30-4:20 Dental Lab, Heather Duncan  
1:30 Ruminants, Lisa Williamson Update on Brachycephalic Airway Assessment and Recommendations, Michelle Waschak Feline Lymphoma and leukemia, Corey Saba Employment Contracts: Reading between Lines, Matt Ozment and William  Gignilliat, IV  
2:30 Ruminants cont., Lisa Williamson   Mast Cell Tumors, Corey Saba Best Practices to Attracting & Connecting with Talent (Alliance Animal)  
3:30 Ruminants cont., Lisa Williamson   Cooperative Care for Veterinary Visits, Phyllis Beasley The Workplace Environment: The overlooked profit center, Tracy Sheffield (Vet-Consulting)  

Saturday, October 16

8:00 Registration
9:00 Backyard Chickens, Sarah Scott Small Animal Treatment of Otitis Externa, Cynthia Bauer (Dechra) Small Animal  
9 am- 1 pm Equine Distal Limb Ultrasound Lab, Ron Genovese (off site in Pelzer)
10:00 Backyard Chickens, Sarah Scott Small Animal Treating Resistant Bacteria, Mollie Mesman Aldridge (Dechra) Dealing with Difficult Clients, Tracy Sheffield, Vet-Consulting  
11:00 Backyard Chickens, Sarah Scott Fracture management, including splints/bandages, Steve Garnett Diagnosing and Treating Common Dermatological Problems in Dogs & Cats, Cynthia Bauer (Dechra) Build Your Dream Practice, Kelly Edge  (Carr)  
12:00 Lunch and Learn
1:00   Ophthamology, Joshua Broadwater (Animal Necessity) Dermatology and IM approach to Cushing’s, Mollie Mesman Aldridge & Charley Aldridge (Dechra) What a Practice Manager Can Do For Your Practice, Tracy Sheffield (Vet-Consulting)  
1:00 - 4:00 PM Surgical Lab--Steve Garnett
2:00 Update on Important Neurological Equine Disease, Emilie Setlakwe Ophthamology, Joshua Broadwater, (Animal Necessity) Kim Keeney (PetsFirst Choice) Start-Ups vs. Acquisitions: What You Need to Know, Kelly Edge  (CARR)  
3:00 Camelid Information for Practitioners, Emilie Setlakwe Ophthamology, Joshua Broadwater, (Animal Necessity) Kim Keeney (PetsFirst Choice) Maximize Your Profitability through Real Estate, Kelly Edge (CARR)  

Sunday, October. 17

8:00 Registration
9:00 What is new in hematology? Dot plots and the hemogram (Part 1), Rick Alleman (IDEXX) Tips and Technqiues to Train Puppies and Older Dogs, Cassidy Parker      
10:00 What is new in hematology? Dot plots and the hemogram (Part 2), Rick Alleman (IDEXX) Recognizing aggression, Cassidy Parker      
11:00 Urinalysis with images from your analyzer, Rick Alleman (IDEXX) Vet Tech      
12:00 SCAV Annual Membership Meeting/Lunch/Awards
1:00 What is new in the diagnosis and management of tick-borne infections?, Rick Alleman (IDEXX) Vet Tech      
2:00 Controlled Substance, Kim Keeney Vet Tech      
3:00 Controlled Substance, Kim Keeney        
4:00 Ask DEA: Ordering, Reporting, Dispensing Controlled Substances, Ann Shields and Adam Roberson