SCVets Care promotes pet safety by offering pet restraints. By securing your pet in an automobile, you can limit movement and decrease the risk of injury in an accident. A pet restraint system can stop a dog from jumping out of the car window or even running away in a crash. Unrestrained pets in cars can lead to serious injury. In a crash at 35 miles per hour, a 60-pound dog becomes a 2,700-pound projectile. The force of that impact could easily kill both the dog and the passengers. Veterinary clinics and businesses and other clinics can have their logo imprinted on the restraints and then give or sell them to clients.

All purchases benefit veterinary care for seniors and those in need.
1 restraint $9.95
2 restraints $16.95
3 restraints $26.90
10 restraints $79.95
200 leashes (includes veterinary clinic or company logo) $1,000
500 leases (includes veterinary clinic or company logo) $2,500

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