Time For SC Lawmakers To Save Pets’ Lives

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Right now, there are no penalties for dispensing medication to pets without a license in South Carolina. Anyone can throw pills into a plastic baggie and hand them out for your pet – no labels and no instructions.

Grab-and-go is the name of the game.

The South Carolina Association of Veterinarians has long regarded this gaping hole in South Carolina law as dangerous to pets and pet owners. Pet owners deserve to know what medication(s) their beloved companions are taking.

Think of another potential nightmare – a child or family member ingesting the medication and doctors are unable to tell poison control or 911 what drugs were taken. Why? Because there is no label.

Right now the South Carolina House of Representatives is debating legislation to fix this dangerous hole in state law. The legislation puts real penalties in place for anyone who practices veterinary medicine without a license and requires medication to be properly labeled.

We want your pets to receive the best possible care! But your lawmakers need to hear from you. Please use the form below to let your state representatives know that you support pet safety.