Tell Your Lawmakers To Override The Animal Welfare Veto

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The South Carolina General Assembly overwhelmingly passed the Animal Welfare bill but Governor Haley has vetoed this critical pet safety bill. This bill was the result of the South Carolina Association for Veterinarians and the state’s animal shelter community working together to save pets’ lives.

The bill puts in place critical safeguards to protect pets and pet owners and ensures everyone will have access to highest quality of care available.

Animal Welfare Bill highlights:

  • Labeling for prescription medication for pets
  • Updated licensing requirements for pet caregivers
  • Sets record keeping standards for all animal care facilities
  • Establishes a study committee for animal care and welfare issues in South Carolina

South Carolina’s pet owners need to contact their lawmakers today and urge them to override Governor Haley’s veto.

Thanks to everyone across the state for joining the effort to make South Carolina a safer place for our pets. Let’s finish the job.

Take action today.