Tell Your Elected Officials To Stand Up For SC’s Pets

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It makes us upset when outside organizations come into South Carolina to make trouble and spread misinformation to our elected officials – specifically outside radical organizations like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

For clarification, the HSUS is NOT a part of ANY local humane society or shelter. They’re really just PETA in suits. Their primary focus is on keeping their bank balance healthy.

Our focus is on keeping animals healthy. Our membership views veterinary medicine as a calling more so than a profession. Our members did not open veterinary practices so they could spend their time in politics.

Part of this commitment is working to ensure animals have access to safe and reliable veterinary care. This means owners are safe in the knowledge that their pets are receiving the best quality care possible.

We are supporting legislation in the South Carolina Statehouse that puts safeguards in place that will protect pets and their owners from needless pain and suffering.

Senate Bill 687 and House Bill 5160 are the results of consultations with representatives from animal shelters and pet care professionals from across the state.

Both bills would maintain the long-standing relationships between animal shelters and veterinarians who volunteer their services, providing care to animals. In addition, the bills are an effort to strengthen and improve animal shelters that many working families in South Carolina rely on for pet care.

Contrary to a lot of misinformation being leveled against this needed legislation, this bill WILL NOT CLOSE ANY SHELTERS. Citizens and pet owners in South Carolina deserve to know the truth.

Here are the facts:

-Sterilizations will not be limited. All animal care professional know spaying and neutering are a proven, humane way to reduce the unwanted pet population.

– Vaccinations will not be prohibited. Like sterilization, vaccination is a proven way to prevent fatal animal diseases.

– This bill does not affect privately owned mobile clinics.

– This bill will save pets’ lives.

Putting critical safeguards in place is needed for pets and their owners. Right now, there is no penalty for illegally distributing medicine to pets in South Carolina. This bill would give current law real force and move toward ending potential tragedies.

South Carolina Senators and Representatives need to hear from you. Please use the form below and let your members know that you support the Animal Welfare Bill.