Pet Health Under Attack In SC?

Vet Care

Our organization has a singular focus on the health of pets and livestock here in South Carolina. Anything that seeks to threaten or undermine that focus is something we are opposed to.

So when outsiders–whose mission is raising funds rather than helping animals—show up here, we are leery.
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is an organization that is not connected in any way to local Humane Societies or animal shelters. Their singular focus is on raising money and promoting themselves.

If you are looking for a local humane society or shelter to support or seeking volunteer opportunities, your veterinarian or local government can point you in the right direction.

Instead of supporting local animal shelters, the HSUS spends millions of dollars on lobbyists and lawyers and they’ve set their sights on South Carolina.

We’re fighting to pass legislation to protect pets and pet owners. The Animal Welfare bill is currently being debated in the state Senate and the HSUS is fighting this bill that will save pets’ lives.

Join us today in telling our representatives in Columbia the facts about the Animal Welfare Bill. Click here and let your representative know you stand with pets and not high-priced lobbyists posing as animal lovers.

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